Price Verification Program

The Weights & Measures division is responsible for inspection of businesses that operate an Automated Point-of-Sale System (APOSS). An APOSS is any system used by a retail establishment to look-up or scan the price of the items purchased by customers of the establishment. It includes scanners, cash registers, checkout stations, or similar devices used to look up the price and charge consumers for their purchases. The California Business and Professions Code makes it unlawful to charge an amount greater than the price, or to compute an amount greater than a true extension of a price per unit, that is advertised, posted, marked, displayed or quoted for that commodity (BPC 12024.2)​. The State Law also requires that the price of each good or service, to be paid by the customer, is conspicuously displayed to the consumer at the time the price is interpreted by the system (BPC 13300).



Weights and Measures inspectors conduct routine inspections to ensure compliance with the law. Despite the efforts stores make to avoid violations, overcharges still occur. If overcharged, a shopper should bring the receipt to the attention of the store manager. Any complaints related to an overcharge can be filed through our online complaint form or by calling our toll free number: 1-888-875-SCAN (1-888-875-7226).

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