Agricultural Pass Program

The purpose of the Sacramento County Agricultural Pass Program is to safely reduce the economic impact of an acute or prolonged disaster on the agricultural community by allowing, when safe, the ability for coordinated reentry of commercial agricultural producers to an evacuated area. This program will result in a pre-identified list of vetted, and trained commercial agricultural operators that may be able to enter an evacuation area through coordination with government officials and presentation of an approved Ag Pass to law enforcement at a roadblock.

Ag Pass holders will be limited to performing only those functions and tasks that have been determined essential for the support of commercial operations to lessen the impacts of economic loss or to provide auxiliary support to peace officers and emergency personnel in locating water sources and access routes.

*Possession of an Ag Pass does not guarantee automatic entry. Public safety officials managing the incident response will allow access once it is determined safe.​

2023 Agricultural Pass Program Annex FINAL.pdf

Ag Pass Liability Disclosure Form.pdf

Programa Ag Pass Divulgación de Responsabilidad.pdf

Ag Pass Application - English.pdf

Ag Pass Application - Spanish.pdf