Weighing and Measuring Device Program

The weighing and measuring device inspection ​program is responsible for reducing error in commercial transactions through the routine inspection and testing of commercial weighing and measuring devices (e.g., supermarket checkout systems, retail motor fuel dispensers, luggage scales at the airport, taxicabs, utility sub-meters, and large capacity truck scales). With very few exceptions, all weighing and measuring devices used in commercial transactions, are tested on an annual basis by department inspectors. These weighing and measuring devices are tested for accuracy to ensure that Sacramento County consumers are getting what they pay for, and businesses are operating in a fair and equitable business environment. If the device passes inspection, inspectors place a seal on the device. Look for a round approval seal on all commercial devices that shows when the device was last inspected.​ 

State law and Sacramento County Code require that businesses register these devices and pay an annual fee. Sacramento County Code 2.72.030​ provides authority for the Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures, to charge fees for inspection, registration, and certification. The fees are established by the Board of Supervisors by resolution in accordance with applicable provisions of law, in amounts which do not exceed the costs incurred by the County in performing the inspections, registrations and certifications. Weights and measures device registration fees partially cover the costs of a very important, behind-the-scenes, consumer and business protection program.​

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​C​​commercial weighing and measuring devices must meet accuracy standards. If you have a concern about a device, please submit an online complaint form.​​​

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