Weighmaster Program

Weighmasters are individuals or firms who weigh, measure, or count bulk products and issue certificates of accuracy of the weight, measure, or count. Weighmaster certificates are legal documents used to buy and sell products. Weighmaster licenses are issued by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Division of Measurement Standards (DMS).  

Typical occasions when Weighmaster Certificates are used are when both parties are not present at the time the weighing occurs.  The industries that mainly use Weighmaster Certificates are: concrete, sand and gravel, asphalt, mulch and soil materials, bulk metal dealers and recyclers, bulk compressed gases, fruit and vegetable packers and handlers, moving companies, commercial fishermen, bulk feed dealers, and sellers of other bulk commodities.  

​Weights and Measures Division also conduct audits of junk dealer recycling​ establishments, to ensure stolen metal is not sold at these locations.​ 

 A big truck being weighted at scales      Another big truck being weighted at scales  ​

​​​​If you have any complaints or concerns regarding weighmasters in Sacramento County, please submit an online complaint form​. ​​

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